No Hormones. No Hysterectomy

Say No More with the NovaSure procedure, the quick, safe and simple one-time treatment with No Hormones and No Hysterectomy. NovaSure can treat excessive bleeding so that you can go on with your life.*

Tired of having periods? There is a simple procedure called NovaSure that can reduce or even eliminate menstrual bleeding! This procedure is virtually painless, quick (about 90 seconds), and recovery time is minimal!

Best of all, Dr. Aviles and a team of professionals can do the procedure in the office. No need to go to the hospital. Instead, enjoy a personal experience where we cater to you. Dr. Aviles has a team of specialists come in to our office that cares for all of your healthcare needs through out the procedure. Dr. Aviles is the only doctor that has an anesthesiologist come in to sedate you, therefore, you feel nothing. Come to Natchitoches Women’s Care located at 627 Bienville Circle here in Natchitoches and have a consultation with Dr. Martin Aviles.

To learn more call us at 352-9595 or visit the NovaSure website.

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