Medical Records Release

Medical records are released only after recieving a written HIPPA compliant release from.A valid request for release of records should clearly identify the patient and be signed anddated by the patient or the patient’s authorized representative.

Except where medical urgency otherwise requires a more prompt response, thirty days is”reasonable notice” when records have been requested. However, records are typically copied and sent out at least once a week in order of recieved.

Our office does require a prepayment for the release of Medical Records.  The cost is $1.00 per page up to 25 pages, $0.50 per page for pages 26-350, $0.25 per page for any additional pages after that.  These fees are in accordance with the Louisiana statue. Please make the payment payable to Natchitoches Women’s Care and include the patient’s name on all correspondence.

No fees shall be charged by a helath care provider for request for medical records recieved by another health care provider solely for the purpose of providing continuing medical care to a patient.

Often times when other medical providers are seeing you for the first time, the contents of your entire chart may be a little overwhelming, therefore we recommend contacting then first to find out what type of notesor results may be neccessary to provide you with prompt and accurate care.