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Pregnancy: – The American college Obstetricians and Gynecologist (ACOG) is the leading organization of healthcare professions in our nation that provides healthcare to women.  The organization is considered the expert on women’s healthcare.  One primary focus for this organization is to provide the consumer quality information so they may be involved in their care.  We have many of their pamphlets in our office, feel free to ask for them at your visit.  If you are at home visit their patient websit, which has information on a wide variety of issues that women need to be informed about.  They also have information in Spanish. – StrongMoms- Pregnancy and Baby Tips & amp; Advice- Brought to you by the makers of Similac – A website with nutriton information for new and expectant mothers.  A great guide for a healthy pregnancy; before, during and after pregnancy. – With their one of a kind Pregnancy Learning Center, you can watch educational pregnancy videos on line through state of the art streaming videos.  Learn about false labor, epidurals, postpartum, and more.

BirthControl: – A helpuf website about ORTHO EVRA, the birth control patch. – Information on the YAZ birth control pill.

Menopause – The leading nonprofit scientific organization devoted to promoting women’s health and quality of life through an understanding of menopause.  This site contains information on menopause, perimenopause, early menopause, menopause symptoms and long-term health effects of estrogen loss, and wide variety of strategies and therapies to enhance health.

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Other Helpful websites: – Home page for the Food and Drug Administration – Protect yourself from diet scams


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The Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health (JMWH) promotes the writing and publication of timely, relevant and provocative articles on issues related to women’s health. JMWH’s focus is on contemporary care, current research, and new knowledge in well-women gynecology, primary health care, family planning, maternal-child health, and family-centered maternity care.