3D/4D Ultrasounds

Natchitoches Women’s Care is now proud to offer the newestand state of the art imaging for our patients. 3D and 4D sonography allows us to see images of developing babies which were previously unseen before. The following information may help answer some of the questions that you may have about this new technology.

The 3D/4D sonogram is not an x-ray. It uses the same sound wave principals of the sonograms that we have always used.

This sonogram is not intended to replace the 2D sonogram which is performed around 20 weeks. That sonogram, done at that time, remains the most sensitive test for detecting birth defects.

The 3D/4D sonogram captures a more realistic image of the physical characteristics and appearance of a developing infant. It is best done between 22 and 30 weeks of your pregnancy.

The cost for the 3D/4D sonogram is not currently covered by insurance.

Platinum package $200  includes: 

1 – 3D/4D scanning session up to 20 minutes
6 – color pictures
8 – black and white pictures
1 – CD recorded images of your baby
1 – DVD of your session
All is included in a custom photo album.

Payment options: Cash, credit, & debit. (NO CHECKS ACCEPTED)

Your ultrasound experience will consist of an ultrasound technician who will perform a 3D 4D ultrasound scan for your special prenatal experience.  Many factors are involved in obtaining clear images of your baby.  We use state of the art equipment.  However, there are several factors that influence the clarity of the images we can obtain.  Due to the following factors, we are unable to guarantee the clarity of the images we capture: maternal tissue, fetal position, fetal activity, gestational development, and other uncontrollable maternal factors. NWC Picture Perfect is committed to customer satisfaction; however, there are occasions when we can not attain quality images during an ultrasound session due to factors previously mentioned.  Due to the time requirements for each session we can not provide refunds; however, we offer $50 off of your next 3D/4D ultrasound session.


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